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Banana Pi Open source community college speaking tour

Time:2016-11-24 Views:940
Banana Pi open source community to carry out university publicity tour. Since the official release of Banana Pi open source hardware, more and more developers use Banana Pi for various development, and more and more college students use Banana Pi for programming learning. Or Bananna Pi for graduation design. In order to better popularize the knowledge of open source hardware, Banana Pi community has carried out a series of university publicity activities. Common open source hardware knowledge, so that more people understand open source hardware, use open source hardware, and jointly promote the development of open source community. The response was enthusiastic

Banana Pi community promotes open source hardware at South China University of Technology. 

Banana Pi is promotes open source hardware at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Banana Pi is promotes open source hardware at Huazhong University of Science and Technology